Not only do we put a smart, knowledgeable team at your disposal, we offer customized quotes quickly, because we know that your time is the most valuable resource, period.

Whether previous shipping plans have fallen through and you need to get back on track or you simply want to start with the best, our air freight services are versatile, customizable, and trustworthy: when you fly with us, your freight is secure, tracked, and on time, every time.

The Best Air Freight Experience

The Best Air Freight Experience

At Expedited Freight, we believe that delivering a superior customer experience starts with understanding your freight by air needs. When you contact our dedicated staff, we’ll work with you to determine the best combination of aircraft and service tier to suit your freight requirements, ensuring your budget stays on target and you’re only paying for exactly what you need. Shipping speeds range from our General Freight / Economy option to Overnight and even a Next Flight Out (NFO) for quick turnaround. If you’re facing a time crunch, we also offer comprehensive Air Charter Service, the fastest shipping method available, to save the day when the clock is running out.

You’re In Control

Handing off important one-of-a-kind freight to an air freight service for shipping can be nerve wracking, but when your shipment flies with, you’ll never have to worry. We offer tracking from beginning to end, including milestone updates as your freight moves closer to its destination. That means you won’t need to linger at airports or pace warehouse floors wondering where your shipment is: you’ll get the freedom to be stress-free & as you await an on-time, well-scheduled arrival. In addition to this transparency, you’ll also get a rare benefit in the air freight shipping industry: a single point of contact. No more phone tag or copying down agent names – the first person you speak to is responsible for your shipment, and they’ll be on hand to answer questions and help out as your freight makes its trip by air.

Need to get your freight up in the air as soon as possible? Your dedicated shipping agent is standing by, ready to connect you with a personalized quote that will mesh your timeline, budget, and any special handling needs into a packaged service solution. is proud to have competitive air freight rates and a range of shipping options to meet any and all deadlines. From ground-based expedited freight for shorter distances to air freight to get your product(s) cross-country quickly, we’re here for you on land, in the air, online and over the phone. That’s not just lip service, either: our satisfied customer testimonials speak for themselves.

If you’re ready to get your freight in the air, we’re ready to take it there! Contact our air freight experts at +1 (414) 856 4847, or use the convenient form below – a team member will be in touch shortly after submission to discuss your customized air freight quote.


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